XAI and Arbitrum’s Big Play: 100 New Games to Join Ethereum Network by 2024″

In an ambitious move to expand the gaming ecosystem within the Ethereum network, XAI and Arbitrum have announced plans to introduce 100 new games by 2024. This partnership signifies a significant step towards making decentralized gaming a cornerstone of the Ethereum experience.

Key Highlights:

  • Gaming Revolution: The collaboration between XAI and Arbitrum aims to bring a diverse range of games to the Ethereum network, highlighting the blockchain’s potential beyond finance.
  • Boosting Adoption: By increasing the quantity and quality of games, this initiative seeks to attract a wider audience to the world of crypto gaming.
  • Technological Leap: The integration of these games into the Ethereum network via Arbitrum showcases the advancements in scalability and user experience within the blockchain gaming sector.

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