Coin Bureau – Central Banks Buying BITCOIN?! What This Means For CRYPTO! (03.07.2024 Summary)

Coin Bureau – Central Banks Buying BITCOIN?! What This Means For CRYPTO! (03.07.2024 Summary)

The idea of central banks buying Bitcoin (BTC) has been a hot topic in the cryptocurrency world. CoinBureau’s Guy recently delved into this intriguing possibility, exploring the potential impacts on the crypto market and what it could mean for both investors and the broader financial system.

Why Central Banks Might Buy Bitcoin

  • Guy explains that central banks could consider buying Bitcoin for several reasons. Firstly, BTC can act as a hedge against inflation. Central banks are responsible for controlling inflation and encouraging economic growth, and Bitcoin’s limited supply makes it an attractive option for preserving value. As Guy notes, “Central banks are likely to start stacking SATs as a hedge against inflation.”

  • Another reason is the potential for Bitcoin to serve as an alternative to gold. Bitcoin is often referred to as “digital gold” due to its scarcity and store of value properties. Guy highlights that BTC has lower storage costs and is easier to transact with compared to physical gold.

Potential Risks and Challenges

  • However, the move is not without risks. Guy points out that the influx of central bank money into Bitcoin could lead to increased volatility. “BTC could become even more volatile than it is already,” he warns. Additionally, if central banks decide to sell off their BTC holdings, it could trigger significant market downturns.

  • Regulatory concerns also loom large. Guy emphasizes that central banks would need regulatory clarity before diving into crypto investments. “Banks need to see some regulatory clarity… the risks severely outweigh the rewards,” he explains.

Market Implications

  • The news of central banks buying Bitcoin would undoubtedly be bullish for the crypto market in the long term. Guy suggests that such a development could set a price floor for BTC, similar to how central bank gold purchases support gold prices.

  • However, in the short term, this could signal the peak of a crypto bull market. Guy humorously advises, “When that news gets out, even your Grandma will be asking about that Bitcoin thing… when that happens, sell everything and run for the hills.”


The prospect of central banks buying Bitcoin is both exciting and complex. While it could provide significant support for BTC prices and further legitimize the cryptocurrency, it also introduces new risks and regulatory challenges. As Guy from CoinBureau concludes, “It’s highly likely that some central banks have already started accumulating BTC behind closed doors.”