Ivan On Tech – BITCOIN: IT IS HAPPENING!!!! 🚨(05.06.2024 Summary)

Ivan On Tech – BITCOIN: IT IS HAPPENING!!!! 🚨(05.06.2024 Summary)

Oh yes, guys! Ivan is absolutely pumped about what’s going on with Bitcoin right now. Just look at that beautiful chart – we’re at $71,100 for Bitcoin and pushing hard towards the upper side of the channel. We’re knocking on heaven’s door once again, trying to break out!

🐂 If Bitcoin manages to break out from this “jail cell” as Ivan calls it, the next target is a massive $90,000 according to the parabolic curve. And crypto expert Peter Brandt is even predicting a market top around $150,000 by the end of 2025, based on the typical 4-year cycles Bitcoin goes through.

📒 On the altcoin front, Ivan is super excited about the new “hype score” feature on his mm.crypto platform. It ranks all the coins based on key metrics like buy pressure, price, and number of holders. This allows you to easily spot which altcoins are potentially pumping or primed for big moves.

👀 Coins like Ator and Cream are lighting up the hype score as we speak, signaling bullish momentum that you might miss on regular charts.

🏦 And the signs continue to align for Bitcoin’s next mega rally. Institutional investment funds like Blackrock, Fidelity, and Grayscale are seeing crazy inflows into their Bitcoin products – nearly $1 billion in a single day! As Ivan puts it, “Institutions are interested, they are buying.”

🪙 Even Fidelity itself is saying most investors should have some Bitcoin exposure. It takes years to fully “get” Bitcoin, Ivan acknowledges. But once you start using it and experiencing its benefits over traditional finance, the lightbulb goes on. There’s no going back.

So get ready for liftoff, guys! Ivan is confident we’re going to smash through this resistance and rocket towards $90,000 and beyond. He gives it an 80% chance of breaking out imminently. The more we knock on that door, the more likely it will burst open.