Ivan On Tech – BITCOIN: THIS WEEK WILL BE CRAZY… 🚨(13.05.2024 Summary)

Ivan On Tech – BITCOIN: THIS WEEK WILL BE CRAZY… 🚨(13.05.2024 Summary)

According to Ivan, this week will be crazy for crypto because of a few key reasons:

  • Announcement Frenzy: Ivan mentions that this week will have “all kinds of announcements, all kinds of events from the Fed, from all of the inflation data.” He believes the crypto market is waiting for these major macro announcements, which could significantly impact sentiment.

  • Political Spotlight: Ivan is very bullish on how the upcoming 2024 U.S. presidential election will bring crypto into the mainstream political discourse. He references Trump’s pro-crypto stance and believes both parties will have to embrace crypto to win over voters, especially younger generations. “Bitcoin will elect the next president,” he proclaims.

  • Potential Ethereum ETF Approval: Ivan presents evidence suggesting the SEC may approve a spot Ethereum ETF within the next 10 days (as of when this was recorded). He sees multiple signals from issuers amending filings and withdrawing futures ETF applications that point to an imminent ETF green light.

Overall, Ivan thinks the convergence of major economic announcements, the rising political focus on crypto ahead of the 2024 election, and the potential for an Ethereum ETF approval could create the perfect storm to drive crazy volatility and upside for crypto this week.

As Ivan Declares, “This week with all of the announcements…is going to be massive, going to be massive, massive, massive!”