Josh Olszewicz – Alt Coins: Everything is On The Table (07.04.2024 Summary)

Josh Olszewicz – Alt Coins: Everything is On The Table (07.04.2024 Summary)

Josh, a cryptocurrency analyst, presents a comprehensive overview of the current state of altcoins.

He begins by setting a cautious tone, acknowledging his recent bearish stance on altcoins due to stagnant liquidity, a bearish outlook for Bitcoin (BTC), and the ongoing effects of higher interest rates.

  • Josh highlights the challenging economic environment, mentioning recent business failures and the Federal Reserve’s continued hawkish stance. He notes that while global liquidity is showing signs of improvement, the U.S. liquidity situation remains range-bound. This economic backdrop, Josh explains, has made it difficult for many altcoins to maintain positive momentum.

  • Josh then delves into specific altcoin examples, such as Ena, which have struggled since their recent listings on exchanges. He attributes these struggles to factors like coin issuance and a lack of buyers in the market. The analyst emphasizes that when there’s significant selling pressure and little buying interest, altcoins can face severe price declines.

  • Turning to Bitcoin, Josh notes its importance as a barometer for the broader cryptocurrency market. He points out that BTC’s recent price action has been bearish, with the cryptocurrency closing below key moving averages and showing signs of further potential downside. This negative sentiment in Bitcoin, he explains, often has an amplified effect on altcoins.

  • Josh also touches on other major cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL), noting that they too are facing bearish chart patterns and struggling to maintain support levels. Josh suggests that even with upcoming events like potential ETH ETF approvals, the market currently seems unresponsive to positive news.

In conclusion, Josh advises caution when approaching altcoins in the current market environment. He suggests waiting for signs of recovery in Bitcoin before considering positions in altcoins, stating that “everything is on the table” in terms of potential market movements.