Miles Deutscher – If I Had To 10X My Money, I’d Only Hold These 4 Altcoins! (24.06.2024 Summary)

Miles Deutscher – If I Had To 10X My Money, I’d Only Hold These 4 Altcoins!  (24.06.2024 Summary)

Miles presents an intriguing perspective on portfolio management in the crypto market. He addresses a question from his Discord community: if he could only hold four altcoins for a 5-10x return in the current bull run, which ones would he choose?

Miles emphasizes that investors don’t need a large number of coins to achieve significant returns. He suggests that with the right selection of 3-5 altcoins focused on key narratives, one could potentially succeed in the market. This approach, he argues, is particularly beneficial for those who can’t dedicate full-time attention to crypto trading.

The four altcoins Miles recommends are:

Ethereum (ETH): Miles considers ETH one of the strongest coins in the market, citing the upcoming Ethereum ETF as a positive catalyst. While he doesn’t expect ETH to 10x, he believes it could achieve a 2-3x return.

Pepe: As the leading Ethereum-based meme coin, Miles sees Pepe as a strong proxy for Ethereum’s performance and a coin with significant potential for growth.

Solana (SOL): Miles includes Solana for its role in hosting meme coins, technological advancements, and strong community. While it may not 10x, he believes a 3-4x return is possible.

WIF: As the leading Solana-based meme coin, WIFF complements the Solana pick in Miles’ portfolio strategy.

Miles structures this portfolio as an “ETH-Solana barbell,” pairing each smart contract platform with its leading meme coin. He suggests allocating 80-90% of the portfolio to these four coins, with the remaining 10-20% reserved for higher-risk, potentially higher-reward investments.

Throughout his explanation, Miles emphasizes the importance of realistic expectations in crypto investing. He cautions against the common misconception that every investment should yield 100x returns, suggesting that aiming for a 5-10x gain is a more prudent and achievable goal for most investors.