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Altcoin Daily – BlackRock Is Buying Up The Entire Bitcoin Supply (08.03.2024 Summary)

Altcoin Daily – BlackRock Is Buying Up The Entire Bitcoin Supply (08.03.2024 Summary)
  • Institutional Money Is Here: Unlike past bull runs, institutional money, led by entities like Black Rock’s Bitcoin ETF, has significantly entered the crypto market. This ETF alone has been buying more Bitcoin daily than the amount mined since its launch.
  • Record Inflows: In just two months, 10 US spot Bitcoin ETFs have brought in $50 billion, signaling strong institutional interest. The largest net inflows to Bitcoin ETFs since their inception amounted to over $648 million in a single day.
  • Bitcoin’s Bright Future: Experts predict Bitcoin could reach over $150,000 in the next 12-18 months, thanks to visible demand from spot ETFs, a favorable supply dynamic with upcoming halving events, dovish monetary policies from the Fed, and a waning regulatory backlash.
  • Stock Market Impact: Historically, Bitcoin thrives when traditional markets like the S&P and NASDAQ perform well. With the stock market appearing stronger in 2024, this could be a positive sign for Bitcoin’s growth.
  • Inflation and Recession Concerns: Two potential risks could derail the bullish scenario for equities and, by extension, crypto: a resurgence of inflation leading to hawkish Fed policies, or a restrictive monetary policy inducing a recession.
  • Fed’s Stance: The Federal Reserve has indicated that interest rates might have peaked for the current cycle, with potential rate cuts on the horizon, generally considered positive for markets.
  • Demand Outstripping Supply: There’s a significant demand for Bitcoin from institutions, with supply not keeping up. This imbalance suggests a strong bullish outlook for Bitcoin.