Brian Jung – Top 5 New Cryptos To Invest in By Bitcoin Halving (08.04.2024 Summary)

Brian Jung – Top 5 New Cryptos To Invest in By Bitcoin Halving (08.04.2024 Summary)

Brian Jung is a YouTube influencer with over 1.7m subscribers. He shares his five cryptocurrency projects that he believes have significant potential for growth in the current market cycle. Let’s take a more sober look at each one:

  • Aerodrome (AERO) is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that Brian believes could challenge the dominance of UniSwap. He mentions its high trading volume and swap fees as indicators of its strong position within the Base ecosystem.

  • DEGEN (DEGEN) is a meme coin that Brian believes provides important liquidity to other Base-related projects. While meme coins are inherently speculative, he suggests DEGEN could reach a $1 billion market cap, which would represent a substantial increase from its current valuation.

  • Normie (NORMIE) is another meme coin that Brian sees as a potential beneficiary of the current bull run. Given its low market cap, he believes it could double or triple in price during the peak of the cycle, though meme coins carry significant risk.

  • Rarible (RARI) is an NFT exchange platform that has partnered with the Base ecosystem. Brian forecasts Rable could see its token price surge to $50, $70, or even $100, citing its recent funding and Coinbase Ventures’ involvement as positive signals.

  • Propy (PRO) is a real estate blockchain project that Brian believes could reach a $1 billion market cap. He highlights its existing transaction volume and the backing of the Coinbase CEO as reasons for his optimism.

While Brian presents these projects with strong conviction, investors should approach each one cautiously and conduct their own thorough research before making any investment decisions. The crypto market remains highly volatile, and even well-positioned projects carry significant risk.