Coin Bureau – Arthur Hayes & Raoul Pal: Risks, Degen Plays, EOY Predictions!! (10.06.2024 Summary)

Coin Bureau – Arthur Hayes & Raoul Pal: Risks, Degen Plays, EOY Predictions!! (10.06.2024 Summary)

In a recent conversation hosted by Coin Bureau between Arthur Hayes and Raoul Pal, two prominent figures in the crypto world, they discussed various topics including risks, degenerate plays, and end-of-year predictions for the cryptocurrency market.

Market Strategy and Predictions

📈 Arthur Hayes emphasized a straightforward strategy: “Be long, don’t sell, and don’t use too much leverage.” He believes that as long as central banks and governments continue to print money and incur debt, cryptocurrencies will remain a viable investment. Hayes highlighted Bitcoin as a core holding and mentioned the success of Ethena, a synthetic dollar project, and the potential of liquid staking tokens like EtherFi.

Raoul Pal shared that his best play of 2024 has been doing “absolutely nothing” and holding a significant position in Solana. He believes that the crypto market could grow from its current $3 trillion to $10-15 trillion by 2032, marking an unprecedented accumulation of wealth.

The “Banana Zone”

🍌 Both Hayes and Pal discussed the concept of the “Banana Zone,” a period in the market cycle where liquidity increases due to central banks refinancing debt and politicians distributing financial incentives. This phase often leads to a vertical rise in crypto prices. Pal noted that during the last Banana Zone, tokens like Solana, Avalanche, Luna, and Matic saw incredible performance.

Meme Coins and Cultural Trends

🐸 Hayes pointed out that meme coins are here to stay because they are easy to understand and participate in. He compared them to luxury brands, noting that people are willing to invest in them for their cultural value and the attention they garner. Pal added that the attention meme coins receive is a significant driver of their value.

Risks in the Crypto Market

⚠️ Hayes identified a potential risk in the centralized custody of crypto assets by a few institutions, which could be vulnerable to hacking. He also mentioned the concentration of the options market in a single platform, Deribit, as a risk factor.

Pal highlighted the possibility of a 1999-style tech bubble as a significant risk, which could lead to an overhang and potentially skip a crypto cycle.

Future of Layer 1 Protocols

⚡️ Hayes predicted that Aptos could surpass Solana in the Layer 1 protocol space within the current market cycle. Pal, while being a Solana supporter, acknowledged the potential of other Layer 1 protocols like Sui and Monad.


The conversation between Arthur Hayes and Raoul Pal provided valuable insights into the current state and future of the cryptocurrency market. They emphasized the importance of a long-term strategy, the potential of meme coins, and the risks associated with centralized custody and market concentration. Their predictions and observations offer a roadmap for navigating the volatile yet promising world of crypto investments.