DataDash – These Four Altcoins Could Rally 300% By The End Of April (13.03.2024 Summary)

DataDash – These Four Altcoins Could Rally 300% By The End Of April (13.03.2024 Summary)

You know what time it is? It’s altcoin season, baby! 🚀 While Bitcoin continues its steady climb, the altcoin market is heating up, and our friend DataDash has spotted some juicy opportunities.

🔥 The Four Altcoins to Watch 🔥

  • Stacks (STX): The premier player in Bitcoin infrastructure and smart contracts. With a bullish chart pattern dating back to 2019, Stacks could see a 300-350% move against Bitcoin in this cycle.
  • Render (RNDR): Riding the AI wave, Render has already gained 140% against BTC. But Nicholas thinks it could find support around $1,300-1,400 and continue its rally.
  • Super (SUPER) : While not the strongest narrative, Super’s resilient chart and potential for AAA-quality games make it a solid contender for further gains.
  • Meme Coins (POOH, MONG): You know the drill – meme coins are all about momentum. Nicholas is keeping a close eye on POOH and MONG, with the latter showing promising signs on the hourly chart.

🎢 The Macroeconomic Rollercoaster 🎢

While the crypto market is heating up, DataDash reminds us to keep an eye on the macroeconomic landscape. Equities like NVIDIA and Super Micro are riding the AI craze, but DataDash warns that worrying signs in equity markets could precede a crypto flush.

The yield curve is still inverted, but it’s slowly uninverting, suggesting markets are taking a risk-on perspective. And oil prices are consolidating, with a potential breakout hinting at inflationary pressures.

So, buckle up and enjoy the altcoin ride, but don’t forget to keep one eye on the macro horizon! 👀