DataDash – Top 3 Altcoins To Watch In March Summary (28.02.2024 Summary)

DataDash – Top 3 Altcoins To Watch In March Summary (28.02.2024 Summary)
  • DataDash believes Bitcoin is likely to start cooling down soon, so he wants to focus on altcoins that could benefit during a potential altcoin cycle.
  • He recommends 3 altcoins to watch:
  1. Storj – A decentralized storage project that provides data storage for AI models. DataDash thinks it fits the deep learning narrative and has good price action and growth potential.
  2. Energi – A layer 1 blockchain focused on security, which prevents hacks/exploits. DataDash believes security is key for defi adoption and thinks Energy has strong fundamentals.
  3. Render – A network providing decentralized GPU power for AI/deep learning. DataDash sees strong demand for GPUs and thinks Render is well-positioned as a leading player in decentralized computing.
  • His view is that smaller/mid-cap altcoins with strong narratives like decentralized finance (DeFi), meme coins, layer 1/2 networks, etc. could outperform Bitcoin and major altcoins if an altcoin cycle begins. He recommends looking for “high velocity, high return” altcoin plays.

In summary, DataDash believes an altcoin cycle could be coming and recommends keeping an eye on Storage, Energy, and Render as three altcoins with strong potential due to their narratives, fundamentals, and price action. He thinks these fast-moving smaller altcoins could see big gains if market momentum shifts towards altcoins.