Ivan On Tech – BITCOIN $90,000 AND ALTCOIN MANIA NEXT!! (27.03.2024 Summary)

Ivan On Tech – BITCOIN $90,000 AND ALTCOIN MANIA NEXT!! (27.03.2024 Summary)

Strap in for a wild crypto ride! According to Ivan, Bitcoin is gearing up for a massive $90,000 target as the market enters a parabolic frenzy. He predicts incoming short squeezes that will send Bitcoin skyrocketing. These epic short squeezes happen when short sellers get rekt and are forced to buy back Bitcoin at higher prices, creating an unstoppable upward spiral.

But Bitcoin is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • The altcoin mania Ivan is predicting looks set to be wild! He’s particularly excited about gaming cryptos like Wilder World, a massive metaverse MMORPG that lets you race, combat, mine and experience an open-world RPG. Despite a recent dip, Ivan sees Wilder World as a prime opportunity since its market cap is very close to its fully diluted valuation.

  • Another gaming gem is Cornucopias, which Ivan has actually played and raves about as a fantastic, polished game experience. With Cornucopias consolidating after pumping to $0.12, Ivan believes it could snap to $0.20 or even $0.50 once price discovery kicks in.

  • For those seeking the next big meme coin in the vein of Shiba Inu, Ivan hints it may not even be released yet! But he’ll be snapping it up instantly when it drops by using the token explorer tools in his Moralis Money platform to filter for brand-new coins with crazy buy pressure.

  • The AI crypto space is also heating up and has the potential to moonshot again. Ivan is also super bullish on Base Chain.

    From gaming to AI to meme coins, Ivan is positioning his community for the altcoin explosion. So get ready to FOMO in, and catch crazy altcoin pumps. The bull market is here, and Ivan is your guide through the insanity.