Ivan On Tech – BITCOIN: ALL HOLDERS NEED TO SEE THIS!! (19.04.2024 Summary)

Ivan On Tech – BITCOIN: ALL HOLDERS NEED TO SEE THIS!! (19.04.2024 Summary)

Have We Finally Hit The Crypto Bottom? Ivan Thinks The Reversal Is Ready!

If you’ve been following the crypto markets lately, you’ve likely been on an emotional rollercoaster.

  • Bitcoin dipped below $60K, causing panic sellers to capitulate. But according to Ivan on Tech, one of the most influential voices in the crypto space, this could be the bottom we’ve been waiting for.

  • In his latest stream, Ivan emphatically states, “If you’re a panic seller after watching my channel, you only have yourself to blame.”

  • He believes the dip buyers are being rewarded handsomely in this bull market, as long as they followed his advice to “buy the dip” when the trend was green.

  • Ivan points to the market’s swift recovery from the $59K level as a sign of immense demand and bullish strength. If Bitcoin shows strength before the week ends, Ivan would be “very, very, very confident that we’re likely going to pump to $90K.”

  • Ivan emphasizes the importance of trusting the process and not getting swayed by endless opinions.

  • Ivan reiterates his bullish stance on ETH, calling it “super undervalued” at $3K. He highlights ETH’s unique properties of being deflationary while providing stakers with yield, something the traditional finance world has yet to fully grasp.

While crypto markets are known for their volatility, Ivan’s conviction in the overall trend remains unwavering. As he so eloquently puts it, “Trust the effing process!” If the charts align with Ivan’s analysis, the crypto reversal may be just around the corner.