Ivan On Tech – BITCOIN AND ALTCOIN DUMP OVER THIS WEEK!!!! (prepare asap..)(03.04.2024 Summary)

Ivan On Tech – BITCOIN AND ALTCOIN DUMP OVER THIS WEEK!!!! (prepare asap..)(03.04.2024 Summary)

Strap in folks, because according to our main man Ivan, the Bitcoin rocket is about to take off again!

After dipping from $70k to $66k recently, all the paperhands got shaken out crying “It’s a scam!” But Ivan says hold onto your sats, because that was just the calm before the storm.

  • You see, the money printers have been working overtime! Tether minted a cool $1 billion in fresh USDT, while USDC followed up with $250 million in new stablecoins. That’s a tsunami of buying pressure headed straight for the crypto exchanges. Safe to say, the fiat off-ramp is closed for departure!

  • But that’s not all! April has historically been one of Bitcoin’s favorite months to go full beast mode. In previous years, we’ve seen average gains of 30%+ during this time. It’s like the crypto markets are doing their annual spring cleaning, sweeping away all the weak hands.

  • Speaking of cleaning, Ivan the Fed has a huge mess on their hands with the U.S. debt crisis. Those pesky interest rates have been giving the big guy Powell night sweats. To avoid a total meltdown, they’ll likely be forced to pivot and roll back the rate hikes sooner than they’d like which is likely to inject more money into the crypto market.

  • As if that’s not enough fuel for liftoff, we’ve also got the election cycle circus in full swing. You know what that means – politicians vying for votes by promising pupils economic booms and tax cuts galore!

  • Ivan’s main advice? Ditch the overcomplicated crystal ball reading. Ignore the noise and enjoy the rip to our $90k target and beyond!

Those are the need-to-know vitals straight from Ivan’s mouth. The stars are aligning for Bitcoin to absolute crush it over these next few weeks. The inevitable altcoin euphoria that follows will make all the HODL’ing worth it. Don’t miss the party!