Ivan On Tech – BITCOIN AND ETHEREUM WTTFFFF!! (21.05.2024 Summary)

Ivan On Tech – BITCOIN AND ETHEREUM WTTFFFF!! (21.05.2024 Summary)

Ivan is absolutely ecstatic about the recent price pumps in ETH and BTC.

🐻 Ivan believes the crypto bears who were skeptical and doubted his bullish stance have been proven wrong. He remains convinced that crypto is in a bullish uptrend that will continue pushing prices higher towards his $90,000 target for Bitcoin.

😱 A major driver for the rallies, according to Ivan, is an escalating supply shock where there is immense demand for BTC and ETH but very little supply available as investors are firmly holding onto their coins. This supply crunch is creating upward price pressure.

🥳 Ivan is especially euphoric about the prospects of the SEC approving a spot Ethereum ETF this week. He cites Donald Trump voicing his support for crypto as a pivotal moment that has shifted the entire narrative, with lawmakers and regulators like Gary Gensler now seemingly pro-crypto after previously being critics.

🛞 If the ETF gets approved as Ivan expects, he sees it triggering a “full 180” with the government becoming very supportive of crypto through measures like reining in the SEC and enacting pro-crypto legislation. He believes ETH and BTC will be the only cryptocurrencies to get spot ETFs this cycle.

Overall, Ivan is incredibly bullish, interpreting recent developments as the “snap of the back of the anti-crypto army being broken.” He encourages everyone to hold tight and get ready for an imminent altcoin season where crypto prices could skyrocket day after day.