Ivan On Tech – Bitcoin | Everything Is About To Change… (03.06.2024 Summary)

Ivan On Tech – Bitcoin | Everything Is About To Change… (03.06.2024 Summary)


Ivan has a big warning for all you Bitcoin holders out there – you need to prepare fast! According to the crypto guru himself, Bitcoin is warming up and getting ready for a massive move.

💹 “Bitcoin is back pushing up and likely we’re going to retest the $70k-$71k very very soon,” Ivan cautions. This key resistance level is being tested repeatedly as Bitcoin consolidates in a tightening range. But once that $70k-$71k level is finally broken, Ivan predicts “we’re going to have this very very nice pump towards $90k!”

🐂 The signs are clear that Bitcoin is gearing up for its next major bull run. Global money managers and finance bros are zeroing in on crypto, with big-name podcasters talking about Bitcoin going to $100k, even $200k per coin. As Ivan puts it, “Bitcoin becomes a no-brainer” as the future path to wealth.

🇦🇷 But that’s not all supporting an imminent Bitcoin breakout. Countries like El Salvador and Argentina are increasingly adopting Bitcoin, with president Bukele aiming to turn his nation into an “oasis for Bitcoin.” Even Russian companies are using stablecoins to bypass sanctions, potentially shifting to Bitcoin for real censorship resistance.

So heed Ivan’s warning, Bitcoin holders: have your sail ready to catch the wind, because when that $70k resistance finally breaks, Bitcoin could swiftly pump to $90k and beyond in a “very very nice” bullish surge.