Ivan On Tech – BITCOIN: OOOH YES GUYS!!!! TIME TO PAY ATTENTION…. (17.04.2024 Summary)

Ivan On Tech – BITCOIN: OOOH YES GUYS!!!! TIME TO PAY ATTENTION…. (17.04.2024 Summary)

The current crypto market has been volatile, with Bitcoin dropping recently but then recovering a bit. Ivan believes this is normal market behavior, with cycles of ups and downs.

  • He emphasizes that as long as Tether continues to print new USDT, the market is likely to go up long-term.

  • Ivan discusses the upcoming Bitcoin halving. He expects the usual doom and gloom articles claiming this will be the “death spiral” for Bitcoin, but he dismisses these as myths that are typically disproven after each halving as the price ends up rising significantly.

  • Ivan is bullish on the crypto space overall, highlighting developments like the integration of Bitcoin functionality into projects like ICP, the launch of new decentralized finance protocols on Bitcoin, and the emergence of new Bitcoin-based stablecoins. He believes these show the continued growth and maturity of the crypto ecosystem.

  • Importantly, Ivan strongly advocates for the use of technical analysis over relying solely on fundamental analysis. He cautions against blindly following other analysts and instead encourages developing your own trading strategy and conviction.

Overall, Ivan remains very optimistic about the long-term trajectory of crypto, while acknowledging the short-term volatility. He believes focusing on TA and understanding market psychology is crucial for navigating the crypto markets successfully.