Ivan On Tech – BITCOIN: OOOH YESSS!!!! THIS WILL BE CRAZY…. (04.06.2024 Summary)

Ivan On Tech – BITCOIN: OOOH YESSS!!!! THIS WILL BE CRAZY…. (04.06.2024 Summary)

According to Ivan, Bitcoin is currently ranging sideways but this period of consolidation around the previous all-time high is normal before the next big upward move. Ivan says the current cycle has barely started as Bitcoin and most major cryptocurrencies are not even at new all-time highs yet when adjusted for inflation.

🫢 Ivan points to exciting real-world applications emerging in crypto like decentralized prediction markets allowing anyone globally to bet on events like elections and Trump’s legal situation. He also believes AI will increase the need for crypto’s authentication capabilities to combat deepfakes.

🚀 Ivan is extremely bullish on crypto’s potential, saying “we haven’t even explored 1% of it.” He cites data showing the current Bitcoin accumulation period has lasted 650 days so far, similar to 720 days in the last cycle before prices explosively rose.

😺 Ivan argues the recent situation with the trader “Roaring Kitty” being restricted for his large GameStop position highlights how centralized stock markets are rigged against retail. He says this will drive more retail investors to the permissionless and global crypto markets.

Overall, Ivan passionately declares that crypto, with its decentralized and transparent nature, is the future of free and open global markets resistant to censorship and manipulation. He declares “I’m extremely bullish, we haven’t even explored 1% of the potential here.”