Ivan On Tech – BITCOIN REACHING ESCAPE VELOCITY! (12.3.2024 Summary)

Ivan On Tech – BITCOIN REACHING ESCAPE VELOCITY! (12.3.2024 Summary)

Buckle up, crypto fam! Ivan’s got some massive news to share about Bitcoin’s mind-blowing performance. According to the almighty math (which never lies, folks), Bitcoin is expected to double in just 18 days on average after hitting a new all-time high! Can you imagine? Smashing the $100K mark by March? Ivan’s so bullish, he might as well be a raging bull!

But that’s not all! Ivan’s convinced we’re witnessing the biggest wealth transfer in history, and the rich Boomers are finally waking up to the crypto craze. Even the one and only Trump has caught the “crazy new currency” fever, selling limited edition sneakers for a whopping $450,000 in crypto! Who would’ve thought the Orange Man would be our crypto candidate?

Speaking of candidates, Ivan’s got a hot take on the upcoming US elections. One candidate is pro-crypto, promising common-sense regulation, while the other threatens to destroy the industry. For all you single-issue crypto voters out there, the choice is crystal clear!

And let’s not forget about the rising crypto star, El Salvador, which has caught the attention of global finance heavyweights. With Bitcoin’s help, this little country might just become one of the richest nations in the world, leaving the IMF in the dust!

But wait, there’s more! Ivan’s got the scoop on the hottest gaming launch, Star Heroes, which he’s buying like a maniac. And if you’re a talented front-end developer looking for a leadership role, Moralis is hiring – the ultimate crypto career move!

So, grab your popcorn and get ready for a wild ride, because in Ivan’s world, crypto is never boring. It’s a rollercoaster of memes, pumps, and mind-blowing gains that’ll leave you laughing and learning at the same time!