Ivan On Tech – BITCOIN REJECTED AGAIN!!!? (28.05.2024 Summary)

Ivan On Tech – BITCOIN REJECTED AGAIN!!!? (28.05.2024 Summary)

It’s another day, another rejection for Bitcoin! According to Ivan, Bitcoin got rejected yet again when trying to break through the $70,000 resistance level. This is now the 6th time Bitcoin has tried and failed to push past this key barrier.

🧘‍♂️ But Ivan isn’t too worried. He sees this as part of the overall range that Bitcoin is trading in currently. The more rejections at this level, the higher the likelihood that Bitcoin will eventually break through to the upside.

🌊 Ivan believes the real reason for this latest rejection is the $5 billion worth of Bitcoin being moved around by the old and disgraced Mt. Gox exchange as part of its bankruptcy repayments.

✈️ While this Mt. Gox movement is causing short-term turbulence, Ivan views it as a potential final chance to accumulate more Bitcoin before it snaps higher to $90,000 or beyond.

🐂 The overall market strength remains insanely bullish according to Ivan. His advice? Better HODL your Bitcoin, because once this Mt. Gox coins get distributed, we could be off to the races again!

So don’t get bearish just yet. As Ivan says, if you invert the chart, would you really want to bet against this massive uptrend continuing? Bitcoin rejections can be unnerving, but Ivan remains confident the bulls will charge again after this temporary Mt. Gox shakeout.