Ivan On Tech – BITCOIN SHOCKING THE BEARS AGAIN!!! (80k push next).. (21.03.2024 Summary)

Ivan On Tech – BITCOIN SHOCKING THE BEARS AGAIN!!! (80k push next).. (21.03.2024 Summary)

Ivan is back with another exciting episode! He’s pumped because Bitcoin is pumping again, shocking the bears who tried to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Ivan’s been telling everyone to stay calm and buy the dips, which is exactly what’s happening now.

  • He’s congratulating himself and his community for making the right calls and clicking the green “buy” button during the bull market.

  • Ivan then dives into addressing the fake Ethereum FUD that was spreading, reassuring everyone that an Ethereum ETF is likely coming soon. He even jokes about swapping the anti-crypto Gary Gensler with his pro-crypto twin brother to approve the ETF!

When it comes to altcoins, Ivan highlights several projects his community is bullish on:

  • Pixels – One of the only web3 games with millions of real users. Ivan sees the current 75 cent price as still cheap.

  • Chain GPT – A fast rising AI/blockchain project now around $0.44 thanks to great partners like Sidus gaming launchpad.

  • Orange and Velar – Promising Bitcoin ecosystem projects building wallets, bridges, liquidity solutions etc.

  • Cosmos ecosystem coins – Ivan sees the Cosmos space as massively undervalued with new projects like Nibiru

Ivan is confident the bull run will continue, with Bitcoin potentially hitting $80k next after taking out the $70k resistance. Ivan rallies his community to keep buying and “clicking that green button” during this bull cycle.