Ivan On Tech -BITCOIN WILL SHOCK EVERYONE THIS WEEK!!!! $80,000 inevitable… (25.03.2024 Summary)

Ivan On Tech  -BITCOIN WILL SHOCK EVERYONE THIS WEEK!!!! $80,000 inevitable… (25.03.2024 Summary)

Ivan is absolutely euphoric about Bitcoin and the crypto markets! He opens by proclaiming that Bitcoin is going to “shock everyone” this week by inevitably hitting $80,000. The bears who expected Bitcoin to crash below $60k have been utterly wrecked according to Ivan.

  • He has been aggressively buying every dip in the $60k range, and he’s convinced that not only will Bitcoin smash past its all-time highs, but it’s destined for at least $80k in the very near future – potentially even this week!

  • Ivan then goes on a rant, covering all the latest crypto news and developments. He talks about Solana’s massive transaction volume and how the layer-2 solution Base is starting to compete with Solana for that volume.

  • He highlights smaller altcoins like Sidus, which his community called to buy at just $0.006 recently before it pumped to nearly $0.01. Ivan gloats that just this one call paid for his entire subscription service.

  • Shifting gears, Ivan rants about politicians being “dinosaurs” who are anti-crypto because it threatens their money printing abilities. But he claims they’ll be forced to eventually embrace it as the “currency of the future” and for AI economies.

  • Ivan dissects the latest US spending bill and the Fed’s signals about slowing rate hikes – positing they are being pressured politically ahead of elections. He spins it as ultimately being massively bullish for inflating asset prices like Bitcoin.

Throughout the video, Ivan gives out price updates on altcoins like Game Swift, Atrium, GT Protocol, and others that his community is following. He hypes up his team’s involvement in projects like Beoble.

Overall Ivan continues to hold his bullish stance on crypto expecting the run to continue further up.