Josh Olszewicz – Alt Coins: Begun The Global Easing Cycle Has (06.06.2024 Summary)

Josh Olszewicz – Alt Coins: Begun The Global Easing Cycle Has (06.06.2024 Summary)

According to crypto analyst Josh, there’s good news brewing for altcoin investors. Central banks around the world are starting to cut interest rates after a period of hiking rates. This shift to lower rates should increase the amount of money and liquidity sloshing around the global economy.

💵 More liquidity is great for altcoins, which are cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. That’s because altcoins tend to surge in price when there’s lots of cheap money around. It’s kind of like how stock prices for speculative companies go up when there’s easy money policies.

📈 Josh points to measures of global money supply like M2 hitting new highs. This rising tide of liquidity should lift all crypto boats, especially altcoins after the latest Bitcoin “halving” event in 2024.

⌛️ However, Josh says we may not have hit the ideal buy zone for altcoins just yet. He prefers sticking mainly with Bitcoin until key altcoin charts like ETH/BTC and the Alt Dominance index clearly break out from their current ranges.

🕛️ History shows it can take a year after a halving for altcoins to really take off, so patience is needed. Josh does see potential in select altcoins with strong bullish chart patterns brewing like BNB, REN, SOL and some meme coins.

While the stage may be set for an altcoin rally as global money printing ramps up, Josh advocates a disciplined, chart-driven approach to picking entries on the strongest altcoin setups rather than just blind speculation across the board. Good timing on the right altcoin charts could pay off big once money really rotates into altcoins.