Lark Davis – 5 Meme Coins Better than DogWifhat (26.03.2024 Summary)

Lark Davis – 5 Meme Coins Better than DogWifhat (26.03.2024 Summary)

Lark discusses five lesser-known but potentially promising meme coins that have some notable backers and communities behind them. Here’s a summary of the coins he covers:

  • Puff the Magic Dragon (PUFF): Launched on the Mantle Network, backed by Bybit. It’s an interactive meme coin with a storytelling experience and a unique airdrop mechanism.

  • COQINU (COQ): One of the first meme coins on the Avalanche Network, known for low fees. It has a fair distribution and enjoys first-mover advantage on Avalanche.

  • Foxy (FOXY): A community token for the Linea Network (Ethereum L2), backed by Consensys (MetaMask creators). It has a large following on X and recently had an NFT minting campaign.

  • Ded (DED): A Polkadot-based meme coin that underwent tokenomic changes due to governance issues. It has an airdrop for DOT holders and a unique funding model.

  • Wen (WEN): A Solana-based meme coin inspired by the “when?” phrase in crypto. It had a massive airdrop to stress test Jupiter’s infrastructure and Solana.

Lark highlights the potential of these meme coins, given their strong communities, notable backers, and unique features or tokenomics. However, he acknowledges that their success is uncertain, and the video aims to provide educational information rather than investment advice.