Lark Davis – Crypto Investors You Have 16 Days… (04.04.2024 Summary)

Lark Davis – Crypto Investors You Have 16 Days… (04.04.2024 Summary)

Strap in folks, Lark’s laying down some alpha!

  • The Bitcoin halving is just 16 days away and you know what that means – the cycle is about to get wild and profitable AF!

  • Bitcoin’s emission is about to get cut in half from 900 BTC per day to 450. Lark says don’t even think about fading it. When that supply squeeze hits the rising demand, we’re going to see some insane pumps.

  • But it’s not just Bitcoin that’s going to be printing money. When the liquidity flows in and Bitcoin maxis start taking profits, you know they’ll be aping into altcoin season. Lark’s sniffing out the best farms and airdrops to fill those bags!

  • Now don’t get too crazy out there – Lark’s seeing some sketchy DeFi protocols with crazy unsustainable yields. Those are prime candidates to get rekt when the bear cycle arrives and leverage unwinds. No one wants to be swimming naked when the tide goes out!

  • But for now, crypto is still the everyman’s play to escape the rat race. Lark wants you all stacking those sats and filling your bags any way you can during this zero-to-hero airdrop season. The window won’t be open forever!

So get studying, get farming, and don’t paperhand those gains when the rockets start taking off! The cycle is upon us and Lark is bullish AF!