Lark Davis – How High Can Solana Go? (29.03.2024 Summary)

Lark Davis – How High Can Solana Go? (29.03.2024 Summary)

Once left for dead, Solana has risen like a Phoenix from the crypto ashes! This little blockchain that could has gone from a 97% drawdown to smashing past its previous all-time highs.

What’s driving this Solana surge? 🚀

  • Lightning fast and cheap transactions

  • Insanely easy to create new meme coins (over 2,000 launched in a day!)

  • Apps that are actually usable and have a pretty slick design

Solana recently dethroned Ethereum as the #1 smart contract blockchain by trading volume. Talk about an underdog story!

But here’s the kicker – the price charts for Solana this cycle are eerily similar to Ethereum’s last run. And we all know how that turned out… 💰

If Solana follows a similar trajectory, some analysts are calling for potential prices as high as $1,500 per SOL! Even traditional investment firm VanEck has a $3,212 bull case target for 2030.

Of course, there are some speed bumps like attracting more developers beyond the meme coin crowd. But one thing’s for sure – this Phoenix blockchain is spreading its wings and setting the crypto world ablaze!