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Miles Deutscher – Buying AI Altcoins NOW Will Make You A Millionaire! (23.04.2024 Summary)

Miles Deutscher – Buying AI Altcoins NOW Will Make You A Millionaire! (23.04.2024 Summary)

Miles is absolutely hyped about the potential for an “AI Summer” in the crypto world! He thinks we’re seeing all the signs pointing to another explosive run for AI-focused altcoins.

In Miles’ eyes, AI coins have a huge edge – they aren’t just riding off crypto hype, but are backed by major real-world developments and news in the booming AI industry.

  • He believes AI could easily become a top 5 or top 10 sector by market cap as these powerful AI-crypto synergies take shape.

  • Miles is incredibly bullish, calling out catalysts that he thinks will be rocket fuel for AI coins: Upcoming NVIDIA earnings, the launch of the super-charged GPT-5, and billions in AI investment from big players like Microsoft have him convinced the biggest AI pump hasn’t even happened yet!

But Miles isn’t just talking the talk – he’s putting his money where his mouth is. He’s actively trading and holding a range of AI altcoin picks like Render,, ATOR, and RSS3.

  • Miles’ overarching strategy? Buy aggressively during extreme market fear and dips – that’s when you get the best risk/reward entries in his view. But he stresses developing your OWN conviction too, don’t just ape his picks blindly.

In Miles’ mind, AI coins offer that magical combination of strong real-world narrative AND crypto upside. As he puts it, they exhibit “relative strength” that could see them drastically outperform Bitcoin and other altcoin sectors. An AI Summer could be one for the record books if he’s right!