Miles Deutscher – These AI Altcoins Are About To SKYROCKET! (07.03.2024 Summary)

Miles Deutscher – These AI Altcoins Are About To SKYROCKET! (07.03.2024 Summary)
Miles provides insights into the AI token market, focusing on short-term trading opportunities leading up to and around the major AI event. Here’s a concise summary:
  • AI Tokens Surge: The AI narrative has seen significant growth, with 2023 marking it as the hottest narrative based on web traffic. The sector received heavy funding, indicating strong institutional interest. This trend continues into 2024, with AI tokens showing impressive price increases.
  • Upcoming Nvidia Conference: A pivotal AI event, the Nvidia conference scheduled for March 18th-21st, is expected to further fuel the AI hype. This conference is one of the year’s biggest AI events, with various speakers from the AI industry, including crypto project founders.
  • Highlighted AI Coins:
    • Render: Leading the market, its founder’s participation in the Nvidia conference is generating significant hype.
    • Near Protocol: It broke out of a multi-year accumulation phase and is attracting attention due to its foundational AI aspects and participation in the Nvidia conference.
    • AIOZ: Positioned as a long-term AI powerhouse, AOS encompasses multiple ecosystems, including AI compute and data storage.
    • RSS 3: An L2 solution utilizing AI for indexing, similar to The Graph but for AI applications, showing potential for growth.
    • Recognized as a leader in the AI token market, it has shown substantial performance. Despite its considerable growth, it remains a focal point for traders looking at leading tokens in the sector.
  • Trading vs. Long-Term Investment: The video emphasizes distinguishing between short-term trades and long-term investments in the AI sector. Some tokens are highlighted as trades due to the current hype, while others, like AIOZ, are considered for long-term potential.
  • Advice for Traders: The video urges caution and research, particularly for long-term investments, as the AI narrative continues to evolve.