Ivan On Tech – BITCOIN: THIS IS GETTING CRAZY CRAZY…. (07.06.2024 Summary)

Ivan On Tech – BITCOIN: THIS IS GETTING CRAZY CRAZY…. (07.06.2024 Summary)

According to Ivan, the Bitcoin craze is back and it’s getting absolutely insane! As he puts it, “BITCOIN: THIS IS GETTING CRAZY CRAZY…”

😱 Ivan is super excited because Bitcoin is once again pushing up towards $71,000 and looks set to blast through this key resistance level. His dream scenario is for Bitcoin to close this week around $72,000, firmly above the current trading channel. As Ivan says, “If Bitcoin breaks $72k, we’re in a totally different galaxy!”

❓️ But what’s driving this latest Bitcoin frenzy? Well, Ivan points out that crypto searches and views are actually at rock bottom right now. Mainstream media continues to spread negativity about Bitcoin too.

🏦 However, the big players like BlackRock are quietly accumulating massive Bitcoin positions through huge $300 million+ investment inflows. As Ivan states, “They’re buying guys, they’re buying!”

🕵️ Ivan believes the elite are strategically buying up Bitcoin before allowing the general public in at higher prices. He jokes, “They don’t want you to have crypto until their bags are filled!”

🐂 While the Bitcoin mania may seem overheated to some, Ivan argues that an extended period of price consolidation and changing of hands is actually very bullish for the long-term trajectory. Weak hands are being shaken out, leaving only the strong hands to fuel the next explosive move higher.

So get ready folks, because according to Ivan’s analysis, “BITCOIN: THIS IS GETTING CRAZY CRAZY…” Once the big players have their fill, they’ll be “pumping Bitcoin very very hard” for the masses to jump in. The crypto craze is back on!