Lark Davis – Bitcoin Has Never Done This Before (01.04.2024 Summary)

Lark Davis – Bitcoin Has Never Done This Before (01.04.2024 Summary)

The crypto markets continue to display incredible momentum and speculation not seen since the last bull cycle.

Bitcoin has achieved a historic milestone by closing seven consecutive monthly green candles, even breaking above its previous all-time high of $69,000. This sustained bullish trend is fueling immense FOMO as investors fear being left behind.

  • Meme coins have taken center stage, with ridiculous pumps becoming almost routine. Coins like Nyan Cat, a meme depicting a cat animated PNG, pumped 59% in just one day on speculative mania.

  • More shockingly, one trader managed to turn a $35,000 investment into an eye-watering $4.4 million in just five days by riding certain meme coin pumps.

  • The base ecosystem is emerging as one of the hottest new areas in crypto. Base’s decentralized exchanges have surpassed $1 billion in trading volume as money pours in. Several low-cap base altcoins Grand Base and Extra Finance are attracting attention as potential moonshots..

  • Not to be outdone, Solana continues ahead with a barrage of new airdrops and incentives. Projects like Zeus, Kamino Finance, Parcl and others are airdropping between 7-10% of their total token supply to Solana fans and users. This injection of new tokens into the ecosystem is creating a frenzy.

  • The star project Jupiter has hit $1.60 per token as it repeatedly flips Uniswap in daily fees generated. Stakers and liquidity providers are being handsomely rewarded with a combination of high staking yields, governance rewards and incoming airdrops from new launches.

Overall, crypto markets are exhibiting the wild speculative fervor of 2021, but on an even grander scale. Immense wealth is being created and demolished at a staggering pace. For those with risk appetites, the opportunities are enticing but fraught with danger.