Miles Deutscher – I’ve NEVER Seen This In My 6 Years In Crypto. (28.05.2024 Summary)

Miles Deutscher – I’ve NEVER Seen This In My 6 Years In Crypto. (28.05.2024 Summary)

In His 6 Years in Crypto, Miles Has Never Seen Anything Like This!

According to Miles, a major paradigm shift is happening in the crypto world. He believes this shift could be one of the biggest catalysts for the crypto market this year.

The Root of the Shift

🇺🇸 At the heart of this massive change lies a surprising development – Donald Trump, one of the leading candidates in the upcoming US presidential election, has come out in strong support of crypto.

🚀 In addition to Trump’s pro-crypto stance, the approval of an Ethereum spot ETF and the passing of a new crypto bill called “Fit21” by the House of Representatives have further fueled this paradigm shift.

A Bullish Outlook

🐂 Miles sees these events as extremely bullish for the crypto market, especially with the US election just 162 days away. He believes this election could be a “buy the rumor, sell the news” event for crypto, similar to the spot ETF or Bitcoin halving.

💰️ Miles advises positioning in Ethereum and its related altcoins in the short-to-medium term, as well as coins focused on real-world assets (RWAs) in the medium term. He also suggests keeping an eye on election-related meme coins for potential longer-term plays.

Unprecedented Times

🤯 In Miles’ own words, “I don’t know if I’m just being an idiot, but it’s one of the most bullish weeks for crypto in the past 18 months.” He has never seen such a dramatic shift in the political landscape favoring crypto adoption, making this a truly unprecedented time in his 6-year journey in the space.

🎆 The stage is set for what could be one of the biggest bull runs in crypto, driven by the upcoming US election and the paradigm shift in the political perception of digital assets.